At Dave's Auto service you get quality maintenance, service and parts. Plus we can review your car manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to ensure that your car gets the proper components replaced at the correct time. For more repair services, visit Repairs.


We analyse your cars electronic engine control system to determine if it is running efficiently, to ensure that all sensors are responding correctly. We can recommend if further testing or maintenance is needed or can be beneficial. 

Tip: Proper brake maintenance keeps your brakes working and releasing correctly.

This ensures maximum life of your friction materials and drums or rotors.

If your vehicle is more than three years old or is getting higher in mileage the demand on your ignition system becomes greater.

An inspection or analysis of your ignition system can ensure that your vehicle will perform without trouble.


We have the proper filters, fluids, bulbs,

and supplies to service your vehicle. We can perform recommended fluid flushes

or required fluid and filter changes. We service AC. system, computer codes,

evap systems, fuel injection, fuel system.

Steering, suspension and brakes. ABS. Differential service and repairs. Engine service and repairs. Exhuast system repairs Used car inspections. Headlamp polishing. Engine or transmission exchanges. We offer Lifetime Guaranteed water pumps,

brake lines, gas lines, and brake pads.


We offer tire changes and tire balancing.

We can provide your seaonal tire change.

We check your steering and suspension system to be sure that your vehicle is safe and that there are no issues that may cause premature tire wear.

We can replace struts, shocks, steering or suspension parts as required.

Tip: Proper tire rotation ensures that your tire set will wear evenly and you can get the most life out of your tire investment. Tip: If you experience a shake your tires may be out of balance. Proper attention will ensure that you have a smooth ride and continue to get the most use from your tires.

For more maintenance tips and information, you can also visit the website linked below: